The purpose of CAT Central is to serve as an international resource for research and applications of CAT. Some of the resources that I have made available on this site include information on books about CAT and software for the implementation of CAT, with links to Assessment Systems Corporation.

Assessment Systems Corporation was started by Dave Vale and me in 1979. Its original purpose was to translate our developing expertise in CAT and other psychometric applications into personal computer software that would ensure that CAT would be available for practical implementation. We began to accomplish this goal in 1984 with the release of the MicroCAT Testing System. Assessment Systems has broadened its goals recently by also making available a wide selection of books (including, of course, books on CAT) and other software for psychometric and statistical analysis, and has become an international resource for psychometricians and other psychological and educational researchers.

I am currently the sole stockholder of Assessment Systems Corporation. I view it as as a service to the psychometric community, and many who know me refer to it as my "hobby" business. We will continue to improve our CAT software and to make available other software and resources that are of use to psychometricians and others worldwide.