Selected philosophical and methodological papers [of Paul E. Meehl] (C. A. Anderson and K. Gunderson, Eds.). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1991. [This book may be ordered from the University of Minnesota Press]


Foreword C. Anthony Anderson and Keith Gunderson

Preface Paul E. Meehl

  1. Theoretical risks and tabular asterisks: Sir Karl, Sir Ronald, and the slow progress of soft psychology
  2. Psychological determinism and human rationality: A psychologist's reactions to Professor Karl Popper's 'Of clouds and clocks.'
  3. The determinism-freedom and mind-body problems with Herbert Feigl
  4. Psychological determinism or chance: Configural cerebral autoselection as a tertium quid.
  5. A most peculiar paradox
  6. The concept of emergence with Wilfred Sellars
  7. The compleat autocerebroscopist: A thought experiment on Professor Feigl's mind-body identity thesis
  8. On a distinction between hypothetical constructs and intervening variables with Kenneth MacCorquodale
  9. Psychopathology and purpose
  10. Some methodological reflections on the difficulties of psychoanalytic research
  11. Subjectivity in psychoanalytic inference: The nagging persistence of Wilhelm Fliess's Achensee question
  12. The virtues of M'Naghten with Joseph Livermore
  13. On the justifications for civil commitment with Joseph Livermore and Carl P. Malmquist
  14. Psychology and the criminal law
  15. Law and the fireside inductions: Some reflections of a clinical psychologist
  16. The insanity defense
  17. Compatibility of science and ESP with Michael Scriven
  18. Precognitive telepathy I: On the possibility of distinguishing it experimentally from psychokinesis
  19. Precognitive telepathy II: Some neurophysiological conjectures and metaphysical speculations


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