All publications of Vocational Psychology Research are copyrighted. Their reproduction, in whole or in part, by any process whatsoever, including storage in electronic form, is in violation of copyright law unless prior written authorization has been obtained from Vocational Psychology Research. This policy applies to any instrument or section of an instrument, as well as to answer sheets, profiles, report forms, scoring devices, tables, charts, norms, or other quoted material found in manuals, brochures, or books.

Permission to reproduce is not readily given unless the material cannot be used in its published format.

Requests to include an entire instrument in any published medium--book, journal, workbook, or dissertation--will seldom be granted.

Permission to reproduce part or all of any of VPR's instruments or materials must be applied for in writing; authorization from the publisher is valid only in written form, signed by an authorized representative of VPR.

Royalties will usually be charged for reproducing part or all of any of VPR's instruments or materials.

Permission to translate is sometimes granted to persons doing research who need to use a VPR instrument in another language. The publisher will ask the translator to agree to specific restrictions. The permission is limited to the translator's use.

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