A Psychological Theory of Work Adjustment

Adjustment to Work


Monographs in the Minnesota Studies in Vocational Rehabilitation series describe the development of the instruments developed as part of the Work Adjustment Project (MIQ, MJDQ, MSQ, MSS) and detail the application of these instruments to problems of vocational rehabilitation. All monographs (except two which have been consolidated into an updated document) are availabe for download as PDF files.

I.             Research Plan and Bibliography       

II.           A Study of Referral Information           

III.         A Follow-Up Study of Placement Success       

IV.         A Study of 1,637 DVR Counselees        

V.           Methodological Problems in Rehabilitation Research                

VI.         A Survey of the Physically Handicapped in Minnesota              

VII.       Factors Related to Employment Success

VIII.     A Study of ES Applicants          

IX.          The Application of Research Results   

X.            A Definition of Work Adjustment          

XI.          Attitudinal Barriers to Employment  

XII.        Validity of Work Histories Obtained by Interview        

XIII.      The Measurement of Employment Satisfaction              

XIV.      The Measurement of Employment Satisfactoriness      

XV.        A Theory of Work Adjustment (also see XXIII)     

XVI.      The Measurement of Vocational Needs

XVII.    Disability and Work

XVIII.  Construct Validation Studies of the Minnesota Importance Questionnaire

XIX.       An Inferential Approach to Occupational Reinforcement           

XX.         Seven Years of Research on Work Adjustment 

XXI.       Instrumentation for the Theory of Work Adjustment    

XXII.     Manual for the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire

XXIII.   A Theory of Work Adjustment (A Revision)    

***         XXIV.   Occupational Reinforcer Patterns (Volume I)   

XXV.     The Measurement of Occupational Reinforcer Patterns             

XXVI.   A Follow-Up Study of Former Clients of the Minnesota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation   

XXVII. Manual for the Minnesota Satisfactoriness Scales         

XXVIII.  Technical Manual for the Minnesota Importance Questionnaire         

***         XXIX.    Occupational Reinforcer Patterns (Volume II) 

XXX.      Applications of the Theory of Work Adjustment to Rehabilitation and Counseling       

***Occupational Reinforcer Patterns Volumes I and II have been combined into an expanded volume of Occupational Reinforcer Patterns-III (1986).



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