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Research Opportunities

We provide many research opportunities. At first you will work with faculty on joint projects and later more independently on your own research. The following list of research in progress will give you an idea of our program’s scope:

  • auditory perception and psychophysics
  • behavioral pharmacology
  • behavior-analytic extensions of operant principles to retarded and autistic populations
  • cerebral hemispheric asymmetries in vision and memory
  • cognitive and memory factors in visual perception
  • effects of stimuli associated with many types of hedonic experiences (Pavlovian) upon instrumental behavior
  • electrophysiology of learning related changes in the mammalian brain
  • emotion and memory
  • false memory
  • functional brain imaging
  • mathematical and physiological models for sensory mechanisms
  • mechanisms of vision (microelectrode recording of the retina)
  • multi-modal sensory integration and motor control
  • neural bases of memory
  • neural networks
  • neural substrates of emotion
  • neurobiology of drug-induced plasticity and addiction
  • neurochemical substrates of human cognition and affect
  • perceptual-motor sequence learning
  • perception and action
  • studies of impaired vision
  • temporal-spatial integration of component events in complex skills
  • text comprehension
  • visual attention
  • visual pattern recognition and computational vision
  • visual perception and psychophysics

Coordinator of Graduate Admissions

Robin Peterson
S246 Elliott Hall


Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:30