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Recent Dissertation Titles

Anders, Samantha
A Prospective Study of Potentially Traumatic Events: Associations Between Types and Dimensions of Events and Outcomes

Bahrassa, Nazneen
The Development and Trajectory of Parent-Child Conflict During College

Berg, Kelly
A Study of the Validity of the Eating Disorder Examination

Bubany, Shawn
Career Decision-Making Competence: Formulation and Testing of a Measurement Model

Dean, N. Ryan
Therapist Self-disclosure: Heterosexuals' Perceptions of Sexual Minority Therapists

Gavian, Margaret
The Effects of Relaxation and Gratitude Interventions on Stress Outcomes

Hintz, Samuel
Evaluating an Online Intervention to Increase Present Control over Stress.

Hirai, Reiko
Longitudinal Adjustment Trajectories of International Students and Their Predictors.

Juan, Mary Joyce
Intersections of Racial/Ethnic Identity and Gender Identity Among Women of Color

Jung, Kyoung Rae
The Mediational Effect of Academic Self-Discipline (ASD) Between Academic Self-Efficacy (ASE) and College GPA

Keenan, Nora
Emotion Regulation and Health Behavior: Effects of Negative Affect and Emotion Regulation Strategies on Eating and Smoking

Kim, Oh Myo
Writing the Unknown: An Expressive Writing Intervention for Adopted Korean American Adults

Leuty, Melanie
Exploring evidence of validity for the construct of work values

Perera, Nelupa Sulani
Experimental Analogue Study of White Students' Evaluations of Psychotherapists of Color

Pituc, Stephanie
Foreigner objectification, bicultural identity, and psychological adjustment in Asian American college students

Reichwald, Reed
Identity Profiles and Psychological Adjustment among Adopted Korean American Adolescents

Seol, Kyoung Ok
Religious Identity as a Mediator between Religious Socialization from Parents, Peers and Mentors and Psychological Well-being and Adjustment Among Korean American Adolescents

Shallcross, Sandra
Social Support Mediates the Relation between Attachment and Responses to Potentially Traumatic Events

Sherr, Laura
Moderators of the Effectiveness of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Intervention Compared to an Active Control for Solid Organ Transplant Patients

Stoever, Sarah
Minimizing the Effects of Burnout Using a Diary-Based Approach over the Internet

Tran, Alisia
“What’s the Big Deal?: Recognition of Racism and Impairment of Cognitive Functioning

First Postdoctoral Positions

Assistant Professor
Arizona State University
Counseling Psychology
Tempe, AZ

Center for Victims of Torture
St. Paul, MN

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VAMC San Diego
Women's Health
San Diego, CA

Post-Doctoral Fellow
College of St. Benedict
St. John’s University
Counseling and Psychological Services
St. Joseph, MN

Post-Doctoral Fellow
The Emily Program
St. Paul, MN

Assistant Professor
Ewha Women’s University
Counseling Psychology
Seoul, South Korea

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Center City, MN

Assistant Professor
Salisbury University
Department of Psychology
Salisbury, MD

Staff Psychologist
SUNY, Oneonta
Counseling Center
Oneonta, NY

Clinical Psychologist
United States Air Force
Eglin Air Force Base
Fort Walton Beach, FL

University of Minnesota
Department of Psychology
Minneapolis, MN

Post, Doctoral Fellow
University of Minnesota
Department of Psychiatry
Minneapolis, MN

Assistant Professor
University of Southern Mississippi
Counseling Psychology
Hattiesberg, MS

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VA Medical Center
Women’s Health and Trauma
San Francisco, CA

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VA Medical Center
Boston, MA

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VA Medical Center
Brain Sciences Center
Minneapolis, MN

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VA Medical Center
Minneapolis, MN

Post-Doctoral Fellow
VA Medical Center
Milwaukee, WI