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Ongoing Research Projects

Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart (Bouchard)

A longitudinal study of mono- and dizygotic twins reared apart from an average age of a few months. Minnesota Twin Family Study (Iacono, Lykken, McGue, Tellegen) - a longitudinal study of over 1,400 pairs of twin children, 600 pairs of adoptees and their parents, focused on parental psychopathology (especially substance abuse) and the development of psychopathology in the children.

Minnesota Sibling Interaction and Behavior Study (Iacono, McGue)

A longitudinal study of 617 pairs of adolescent siblings, two-thirds of whom are domestic or international adoptees, focused on the development of substance abuse and related psychopathology.

Minnesota Twin Family Study (Iacono, McGue, Krueger)

A longitudinal study of approximately 1900 pairs of adolescent twins and their parents that began when the twins were in adolescence and has continued as the twins have reached their mid- to late-twenties. The general aims of this project are to identify and characterize the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the development of personality, achievement, mental health, substance use and abuse, and cognitive ability from adolescence through early adulthood.

Individual Differences and Relationship Functioning (Simpson)

This line of research investigates the way in which various individual difference constructs are systematically associated with how individuals think, feel, and behave in close relationships.

Social Development and Relationships Across the Lifespan (Simpson)

This line of work investigates how social and interpersonal experiences encountered earlier in life shunt individuals down different developmental pathways that govern functioning and important outcomes in adult romantic relationships.

Danish Longitudinal Studies of Aging (McGue)

A series of three interrelated longitudinal studies aimed at identifying the interplay of genetic and lifestyle factors in psychological and physical aspects of aging. These projects are undertaken in collaboration with colleagues at Southern Denmark University in Odense Denmark.

Individual and Group Performance in Extreme Environments (Leon)

Focuses on the identification of the optimal personality traits of individuals and of the specific group for crew selection for long-duration missions including Mars exploration. A further area of space-related research is the general area of human protection, particularly examination of the interaction of thermal physiological processes and subjective perception of comfort in the advanced design of protective clothing for astronauts engaged in extravehicular activities. Another area of interest involves the development of policy and response guidelines regarding psychosocial support in the case of large-scale disasters. Laboratory link

RISC (Research In Schizophrenia) Study (Grove, Iacono)

Family-genetic study of psychological and psychophysiological (e.g., eye tracking) "markers" for the heritable diathesis for schizophrenia and related disorders.

Mechanical vs. Statistical Prediction (Grove)

How best to make predictions in psychology and medicine.

Meta-Analytic Studies of the Validity of the Rorschach (Grove)

Re-examines the validity of interpretations based on the Rorschach Inkblot Technique.

Volunteerism (Snyder)

This project investigates motivational foundations of volunteerism and prosocial behaviors.

Interpersonal Orientations (Snyder)

This project is concerned with the moderating role of self-monitoring processes in the relations between personality/attitudes and behaviors.

Externalizing Spectrum (Krueger, Patrick)

This project focuses on modeling behaviors and traits that reflect a broad class of individual differences in impulsivity, aggression, antisocial behavior, and drug and alcohol problems.

Psychopathic Personality (Patrick, Krueger)

Research in the area of psychopathy focuses on biobehavioral underpinnings of psychopathy and models of psychopathic personality traits.

Genes, Environments, Personality, and Their Consequences (Krueger)

Research on behavioral genetics and personality focuses on the ways in which genetic and environmental contributions to personality are connected to consequences in the population at large (e.g., health behaviorsOctober 4, 2010 Individual Differences in Emotion (Patrick)
Focuses on underlying brain systems involved in processing and reacting to emotional stimuli.

Center for Interest Measurement Research (Hansen)

The Center for Interest Measurement Research houses research projects focused on the development and application of measures of vocational and leisure interests, and on individual differences relevant to career development and career decision making.

Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic (CCAC) (Hansen, Weiss)

The Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic (CCAC) serves educational, research, and public engagement functions. CCAC provides career assessment and career counseling for adults in the community. Also has a research arm, in addition to the counseling service, that explores topics related to person-environment fit and job satisfaction and satisfactoriness.

Individual Differences and Personnel Decision Making (Ones)

A series of studies dealing with the modeling, measurement, and evaluation of cognitive ability and personality constructs for purposes of personnel decision making. Includes extensive studies of management and cross-cultural issues.

Fairness and Bias in High-Stakes Testing (Sackett)

Ongoing projects dealing with fairness and bias in using standardized measures of cognitive ability and personality to predict job performance and educational performance for purposes of selecting individuals for jobs and for entry into universities.


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