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Recent Dissertation Titles

Finger, Michael
A Comparison of Full-Information and Unweighted Least Squares Limited-Information Methods Used With the 2-Parameter Normal Ogive Model

Ostini, Remo
Identifying Substantive Measurement Differences Among a Variety of Polytomous IRT Models

Reise, Steven
Application of an IRT-Based Response Aberrancy Statistic to Personality Trait Measurement

Ro, Shungwon
Characteristics of a Likelihood-Based Person-Fit Index Under the Graded Response Model

VanLoy, Wendy
A Comparison of Adaptive Self-Referenced Testing and Classical Approaches to the Measurement of Individual Change

Job Placements of Recent Graduates

  • Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Texas
  • Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • Research Scientist, Psychology Department, Texas A&M University
  • Research Principal, The Chauncey Group International
  • Assistant Professor, Quantitative Program, University of Kansas
  • Senior Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service
  • Vice President, National Computer Systems
  • Professor, Quantitative Program, Department of Psychology, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Director of Psychometric Services, Pearson VUE
  • Senior Psychometrician, Measured Progress