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Recent Dissertation Titles

Rudman, Laurie A. (1995). To Be or Not to Be (Self-Promoting): Motivational Influences on Gender Stereotyping

Attridge, Mark D. (1995). Reactions of Romantic Partners to Geographic Separation: A Natural Experiment

Kojetin, Brian A. (1996). Adult Attachment Styles with Romantic Partners, Friends and Parents

Meyers, Sarah A. (1996). Understanding in Romantic Relationships: Gender Differences and the Role of Relative Power

Stukas, Arthur A., Jr. (1996). The Effects of Motivation and the Presence of an Observer on Principled Stands Against Racism

Scott, Britain A. (1997). Beauty Myth Beliefs: Theory, Measurement, and Use of a New Construct

Silverman, Jennifer L. (1997). The Suppression of Negative Self-Referent Thoughts

Wyman, Melissa A. (1997). Relative Deprivation in the Face of Economic Uncertainty: Effects on Intergroup Prejudice

Burgess, Diana J. (1998). Do Women Perpetuate Gender Discrimination: Understanding the Antecedents and Consequences of Intragroup Discrimination

Otto, Amy L. (1998). Resolving Workplace Disputes: The Role of Organizational Culture in Organizational Conflict

Smith, Brian C. (1998). Interpersonal Trust: An Experimental Extension from Romantic Relationships to Friendships and Work Relationships

Winslow, Matthew P. (1999). Intergroup Anxiety and Perceptions of Prejudice: Managing Impressions and Forming Impressions

Haney, Beth A. (1999). Civic Engagement: A Motivational Analysis of Longevity of Commitment

Mobilio, Lynne J. (1999). Traumatic Imaginings: Mental Simulation as a Proactive Coping Strategy

Martino, Steven C. (2001). Dynamic Self-Complexity: Reorganization of Self-Knowledge as a Means of Goal-Directed Self-Regulation

Hunt, Jennifer S. (2001). The Effects of Individuating Information on Stereotype Activation

Kiviniemi, Marc T. (2001). Consequence of the Motivated Malleability Effect for Affect, Performance, and Risk Perception Following Social Comparisons

Kelly, Kristina M. (2002). When the Actor and the Observer are the Same Person: The Effects of Self-Objectification on Self-Attributions

Lopes, Jason B. (2003). Self-Monitoring as a Moderator of Different Self Schemas by Relationships

Oyamot, Clifton M. (2004). Me, Myself, and Mine: The Incorporation of Possessions Into the Self

Sinclair, Colleen H. (2004). Is Necessity or Ability the Mother of Invention?: Examining Individual, Relational, and Contextual Influences on the Nature of Self-Reinvention

Williamson, Ian T. (2004). Forgiveness Anxiety: Validation of a New Mediator of Forgiveness

Wagoner, Marc J. (2005). The Resource Bin Model: A Model of Fluid Self-Esteem

Sullivan, Helen (2005). The Role of Plans in Pursuing Avoidance Goals

Worth, Keilah (2005). The Role of Goals and Motives in Understanding the Processes of Volunteerism

Baldwin, Austin S. (2006). Explaining the Cognitive Processes Underlying the Persuasive Effect of Self-Generated Arguments: A Test of the Self as Source Heuristic Effect

Cozzolino, Philip J. (2006). Social Capital and Equality: A Causal Analysis

Zehm, Keri. (2006). Social Support and the Drug Courts: Testing a Contingency Model for Types of Support and Beneficial Outcomes among Drug Court Defendants

Sullivan, Brandon. (2006). Linking Leader Personality with Group Dynamics: Leader Process Directiveness as Mediator, Performance Feedback as Moderator

Yanowitz, Jennifer (2006). Romantic Goal Perception: Scale Validation and Experimental Evidence of Its Effects on the Processing of Social Information

Stark, Emily N. (2007). The Roles of Temporal Constural in Understanding the Processes That Underlie the Framing Effect

Tran, SiSi. (2007). The Role of Attachment and Commitment in Accommodation

Job Placements of Recent Graduates

  • Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Assistant Professor, Worcester State University
  • Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University
  • Core Investigator, Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research, Minneapolis VA Medical Center
  • Professor, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
  • Assistant Professor, Hamilton College
  • Research Specialist and Product Manager, United Health Care Corporation
  • Associate Professor, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas
  • Associate Professor, Rutgers University
  • Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
  • Associate Professor, Florida International University
  • Associate Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Associate Professor, California State University at Los Angeles
  • Professor, Claremont Graduate University
  • Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    Senior Lecturer, LaTrobe University
  • Research Associate, Rand Corporation
  • Research Associate, Palo Alto Medical Research Foundation
  • Director of Research, Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota
  • Partner, Lewis, Mobilio, & Associates, Consulting
  • NCI Cancer Fellow
  • Assistant Professor, California State University at San Jose
    Lecturer, University of Essex
  • Assistant Professor, Utica College
    Assistant Professor, Vassar College
  • Assistant Professor, Mankato State University

Area Director

Christopher Federico
N385 Elliott Hall