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Studying psychology as an undergraduate student can take you almost anywhere in the world of work, or prepare you for more in-depth study of psychology at the graduate level. The particular career path you take is up to you. Your degree can be used in a variety of careers: business careers such as management, human resources, advertising, or sales and marketing; human service careers; technological positions such as web page design or user interface design; or research positions in a variety of areas.

The psychology major is designed to give you a breadth of knowledge across the discipline, as well as a strong foundation in psychological statistics and research methodology. Electing to earn credit toward the major through study abroad, community engagement, and research laboratory experiences will help you build additional skills relevant to the job market. It may also be necessary to gain experience through work, volunteering, or internships in order to prepare yourself to advance in your career. What you do now can improve your confidence, enhance your skills, and build your resume.

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