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Psyhology Internships

Whether paid, unpaid, for credit or volunteer, internships are opportunities to develop practical, work-related skills. Internships in psychology are great because they help you see how the discipline of psychology is at work in the larger community and they illustrates how a major in psychology can prepare you for such a wide variety of careers.

PSY 3996: Field Study/Internship in Psychology

Finding a psychology-related internship does not automatically qualify you for earning Psy 3996 credits. Credits are earned for academic work completed in conjunction with an internship experience.

An arrangement of this sort requires finding a faculty mentor, in addition to securing your own internship. The faculty mentor is someone willing to oversee the academic components of your experience and credits earned. You and the faculty mentor would work out a learning contract for the academic credit component of the Psy 3996 credits.

This method of obtaining credit is quite difficult to secure since it requires a significant time investment on the part of the faculty mentor - time that many faculty simply do not have to spare. Therefore, searches for faculty mentors are not always successful. Fortunately, completing an internship can be an extremely valuable experience, regardless of whether you are able to arrange to receive credit in psychology.

Steps to arrange for Psy 3996 registration

  1. Identify and secure a psychology-related internship.
  2. Find a Faculty or Adjunct Faculty sponsor willing to oversee the academic portion of your experience.
  3. Pick up a Student/Faculty Contract form in Psychology Undergraduate Advising.
  4. Complete the contract form with your faculty mentor. The completed contract will serve as a written learning agreement between you and the faculty; it will outline the academic expectations for the credits you will be earning.
  5. Return to Psychology Undergraduate Advising duringwalk-in hours for advisor approval and further registration instructions.

Don't need the credits?

Not a problem! Many students participate in internships in the Twin Cities, and other communities, without receiving academic credit. Internships are worth it. Not only are they something you can add to your resume, they can help you decide which careers might be a good fit for you!

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