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Graduate Student Handbook

This Handbook originated during the 1992-1993 academic year, when the Graduate Student Liaison Committee (GSLC) created it as their first major contribution to the Department. Since then, the Director of Graduate Studies, department staff, and the GSLC have annually revised this Handbook, which, although not a "legally binding" departmental document, has reflected updates of and changes to the Departmental Regulations. For new graduate students, we hope that this Handbook will answer some of your most important questions (along with some of your less crucial conundrums as well) and will ease your transition as you become a welcomed member of this department. For returning graduate students, we hope that the updated and changed information will ease your return to school this academic year and will make your next steps towards graduating smooth ones.

We are committed to producing an accurate and useful document for Psychology graduate students. We welcome your comments on this Handbook in reference to any errors of content or to any additional information not contained in this revision which you feel is important. Also, if you find this Handbook to be a positive addition to the information you receive related to your tenure in this department, please let us know that as well!

Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

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