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Portrait: Eugene Borgida Eugene Borgida
Professor of Psychology and Law
Social cognition, attitudes and persuasion, psychology and law, political psychology.
N387 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-3381
Portrait: Thomas Brothen Thomas Brothen
Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology
The use of course management systems and other technology to improve post-secondary student learning; teaching of psychology; history of psychology and educational interventions.
N315 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-6498
Portrait: John Campbell John Campbell
Industrial/organizational, psychometric methods, performance modeling, prediction and selection models, decision-making processes, industrial training and development.
N478 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9351
Portrait: Colin DeYoung Colin DeYoung
Associate Professor
Personality structure, biological basis of personality traits, cognitive abilities, impulsivity and antisocial behavior.
N422 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-1619
Portrait: Steve Engel Stephen Engel
Cognitive neuroscience of human vision, combining functional MRI and behavioral data: perceptual learning, visual adaptation, color vision.
S249 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-5571
Portrait: Chris Federico Christopher Federico
Professor of Psychology and Political Science
Political psychology; intergroup relations and racial attitudes; the psychology of legitimacy; political expertise.
N385 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0560
Portrait: Randy Fletcher Charles R. (Randy) Fletcher
Associate Professor and CAB Area Director
Cognitive and biological, cognition, text comprehension.
S255 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6096
Portrait: Patricia Frazier Patricia A. Frazier
Associate Chair & Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Counseling and social, coping with traumatic life events; PTSD and posttraumatic growth; perceptions of control over traumatic events.
N571 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6863
Portrait: Jonathan Gewirtz Jonathan Gewirtz
Professor and Associate Chair
Neural substrates of memory, negative affect, and drug dependency.
N246 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6653
Portrait: Marti Hope Gonzales Marti Hope Gonzales
Associate Professor & Social Area Director
Applied social psychology, impression management and self-presentation, accountability, political psychology, medical compliance.
N315 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9035
Portrait: Will Grove William Grove
Associate Professor
Classification and behavior genetics of psychoses, numerical taxonomy, personality disorders, clinical vs. statistical prediction, assessment and forensic psychology.
N438a Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1599
Portrait: Jo-Ida C. Hansen Jo-Ida C. Hansen
Professor, Department of Psychology; Director, Counseling Psychology Program; Director, Center for Interest Measurement Research; Co-Director, Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic; Adjunct Professor, Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Counseling, vocational interest measurement and inventory construction, career development, cross-cultural interest measurement, leisure.
N556 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2081/
(612) 625-3873
Portrait: Sheng He Sheng He
Human vision and attention, visual awareness, cognitive neuroscience.
N252 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0752
Portrait: Nate Helwig Nathaniel Helwig
Assistant Professor
Computational statistics, smoothing splines, semiparametric regression, multimode/tensor analysis, neuroimaging, psychometrics
N650 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-8363
Portrait: Bill Iacono William G. Iacono
Regents Professor and Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Clinical, psychophysiology, behavior genetics, biological makers of schizophrenia, drug abuse, alcoholism, the course and development of psychopathology, lie detection.
N444 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6078
Portrait: Yuhong Jiang Yuhong Jiang
Research on the perception, attention, and memory of visual input using behavioral testing and functional brain imaging.
S251 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-7003
Portrait: Dan Kersten Daniel J. Kersten
Cognitive neuroscience, human vision, computational vision, neuroimaging, visual psychophysics.
S212 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2589
Portrait: Bonnie Klimes-Dougan Bonnie Klimes-Dougan
Contract Assistant Professor
My work utilizes developmental and neuroscience approaches to identify disruptions in stress/emotion regulatory processes that precede, accompany and are a consequence of depression and suicidal behavior. Additionally my work examines factors that modify these risk trajectories.
N414 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-4347
Portrait: Kristen Kling Kristen Kling
Contract Associate Professor
Gender differences, psychological correlates of academic success
Portrait: Wilma Koutstaal Wilma Koutstaal
Thinking, memory, and mental agility; cognitive neuroscience; neuropsychology; aging.
S247 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-1966
Portrait: Robert Krueger Robert Krueger
Hathaway Distinguished Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor & CSPR Area Director
Classification and etiology of psychopathology and substance use disorders, personality disorders, personality psychology, quantitative and molecular genetics, quantitative models of individual differences.
N414 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-8541
Portrait: Nathan Kuncel Nathan Kuncel
Associate Professor & I/O Area Director
Structure and prediction of performance in academic and work settings.
N464 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-1651
Portrait: James Lee James Lee
Assistant Professor
Mental abilities, individual differences, behavioral genetics, human evolution.
N409 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-4980
Portrait: Rich Lee Richard M. Lee
Counseling psychology; cultural and ethnic minority psychology; international adoption.
N563 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6357
Portrait: Gordon Legge Gordon Legge
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Cognitive and biological, human visual perception, cognitive science.
N257 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-0846
Portrait: Shmuel Lissek Shmuel Lissek
Assistant Professor
The neurobiology and psychophysiology of human anxiety, classical and operant conditioning markers of clinical anxiety, generalization of conditioned fear, the neural antecedents of avoidance and other fear-related decisions.
N416 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-9918
Portrait: Monica Luciana Monica Luciana
Department Chair
Neurochemical (dopaminergic and serotonergic) modulation of functions of the human prefrontal cortex; neurodevelopment of executive functions in adolescence using behavioral, molecular genetic and neuroimaging techniques.
N419 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0757
Portrait: Angus MacGonald Angus MacDonald, III
Basic cognitive and affective neuroscience using fMRI, the neural and genetic bases of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and the psychometrics of measuring group differences.
N426 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-3813
Portrait: Traci Mann Traci Mann
Health behavior change, particularly in the context of eating, dieting, and obesity; Self-control; Stress and eating; Predictors of eating in everyday life.
S357 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-5838
Portrait: Chad Marsolek Chad J. Marsolek
Human memory, vision, learning, and how they are modulated by emotional and social factors. Cognitive neuroscience.
N253 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-1597
Portrait: Matt McGue Matthew McGue
Regents Professor & BP/PIB Area Director
Behavior genetics, individual differences, quantitative psychology, aging, substance abuse.
N241a Elliott Hall
(612) 625-8305
Portrait: Cheryl Olman Cheryl Olman
Associate Professor
Biological basis of functional magnetic resonance imaging; modulation of low level visual responses by scene perception.
S243 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-7607
Portrait: Deniz Ones Deniz Ones
Professor & Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Personnel selection and classification, personality assessment and research, meta analysis, cross-cultural research.
N472 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-4551
Portrait: Andrew Oxenham Andrew J. Oxenham
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Auditory perception and cognition; computational models of hearing; hearing impairment and cochlear implants.
N249 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-2241
Portrait: Alex Rothman Alexander J. Rothman
Social, judgment and decision-making, health beliefs and health behavior, persuasion, cognition and emotion, stereotyping, research methodology.
N321 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2573
Portrait: Paul Sackett Paul Sackett
Personnel decision making, job performance, counterproductive behavior in the workplace, managerial potential.
N475 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-9842
Portrait: Aaron Schmidt Aaron Schmidt
Associate Professor
Employee motivation and self-regulation, including goal prioritization and time allocation, responses to actual and anticipated success, and applications of self-regulatory theory to individual and team training.
N486 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-9188
Portrait: Paul Schrater Paul Schrater
Associate Professor
Statistical pattern recognition, human and computer vision, multi-modal sensory integration and motor control.
S211 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-8638
Portrait: Jeff Simpson Jeffry A. Simpson
Social, interpersonal relationships, attachment, evolution and social behavior, personality and social behavior, social influence.
S354 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0025
Portrait: Mark Snyder Mark Snyder
McKnight Presidential Chair in Psychology
Personality and social behavior; self and identity; altruism and pro-social behavior; social perception and interpersonal behavior; social influence and attitude change; motivational foundations of individual and collective action.
N367 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1507
  Mark Stellmack
Contract Assistant Professor
S105 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-0501
Portrait: Moin Syed Moin Syed
Associate Professor and interim Associate Chair
Identity development among culturally and ethnically diverse youth; intersections among multiple identities; educational and career pathways; narrative psychology.
N567 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9501
Portrait: Mark Thomas Mark Thomas
Associate Professor
Neurobiology of drug-induced plasticity and addiction, behavioral neuroscience, transgenic mice, cellular electrophysiology.
S254 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-4963
Portrait: Neal Viemeister Neal Viemeister
Auditory perception, psychophysics, models of perceptual processes.
N264 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-4024
Portrait: Niels Waller Niels Waller
Professor & QPM Area Director
Quantitative models of individual differences, psychometrics, factor analysis, taxometrics, item response theory.
N657 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-8729
Portrait: Chun Wang Chun Wang
Assistant Professor
Psychometric methods,item response theory, computerized adaptive testing, cognitive diagnosis, and semi-parametric modeling.
N658 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-8936
Portrait: David Weiss David J. Weiss
Psychometric methods, counseling, computerized adaptive testing, latent trait measurement theory.
N660 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-0342
Visiting Faculty
Name Interests Contact
Remington Roger Remington
University of Queensland, Australia
Human attention and information processing, with emphasis on the understanding of complex applied domains.
S214 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-9483
Emeritus Faculty
Name Interests Contact
  Ellen Berscheid
Regents' Professor of Psychology Emerita
Social, interpersonal attraction, close relationships, social perception and cognition, emotion.
Portrait: Tom Bouchard Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr. Individual differences, behavior genetics, evolutionary psychology assessment, mental abilities, twin and adoption research.
Portrait: Dwight Burkhardt Dwight Burkhardt Vision and neuroscience, function of retinal neurons, human psychophysics.
N240 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6375
Portrait: James Butcher James Butcher Personality assessment, cross-cultural psychology.
S353 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9880
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  René V. Dawis Counseling, individual differences, industrial/organizational, psychometric methods, work adjustment, vocational assessment, vocational counseling, measurement of abilities, values, and work personality.
Portrait: Irving Gottesman Irving Gottesman Genetics of psychopathology and schizophrenia.
N231 Elliott Hall
Portrait: Gloria Leon Gloria R. Leon Personality, stress and coping in extreme environments, psychosocial aspects in disaster response and management, psychosocial factors in space missions, thermal control of astronaut status.
N420 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9324
Portrait: Bruce Overmier J. Bruce Overmier
Cognitive and biological: stress, conditioning, learning, and memory in animals and humans, and their biological mechanisms.
N258 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1835
Portrait: Gail Peterson Gail Peterson
Associate Professor
Radical Behaviorism; experimental and applied behavior analysis; general behavior theory.
S223 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2863
  Warren W. Roberts Experimental, physiological.
  Auke Tellegen Personality research and assessment, clinical.
N252 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1351