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Portrait: Eugene Borgida Eugene Borgida
Professor of Psychology and Law
Social cognition, attitudes and persuasion, psychology and law, political psychology.
N387 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-3381
Portrait: Thomas Brothen Thomas Brothen
Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Psychology
The use of course management systems and other technology to improve post-secondary student learning; teaching of psychology; history of psychology and educational interventions.
N315 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-6498
Portrait: John Campbell John Campbell
Industrial/organizational, psychometric methods, performance modeling, prediction and selection models, decision-making processes, industrial training and development.
N478 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9351
Portrait: Colin DeYoung Colin DeYoung
Associate Professor & BP/PIB Area Director
Personality structure, biological basis of personality traits, cognitive abilities, impulsivity and antisocial behavior.
N422 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-1619
Portrait: Steve Engel Stephen Engel
Cognitive neuroscience of human vision, combining functional MRI and behavioral data: perceptual learning, visual adaptation, color vision.
S249 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-5571
Portrait: Chris Federico Christopher Federico
Associate Professor of Psychology and Political Science
Political psychology; intergroup relations and racial attitudes; the psychology of legitimacy; political expertise.
N385 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0560
Portrait: Randy Fletcher Charles R. (Randy) Fletcher
Associate Professor and CAB Area Director
Cognitive and biological, cognition, text comprehension.
S255 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6096
Portrait: Patricia Frazier Patricia A. Frazier
Counseling and social, coping with traumatic life events; PTSD and posttraumatic growth; perceptions of control over traumatic events.
N571 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6863
Portrait: Jonathan Gewirtz Jonathan Gewirtz
Associate Professor
Neural substrates of memory, negative affect, and drug dependency.
N246 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6653
Portrait: Marti Hope Gonzales Marti Hope Gonzales
Associate Professor & Social Area Director
Applied social psychology, impression management and self-presentation, accountability, political psychology, medical compliance.
N315 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9035
Portrait: Will Grove William Grove
Associate Professor
Classification and behavior genetics of psychoses, numerical taxonomy, personality disorders, clinical vs. statistical prediction, assessment and forensic psychology.
N438a Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1599
Portrait: Jo-Ida C. Hansen Jo-Ida C. Hansen
Professor, Department of Psychology; Director, Counseling Psychology Program; Director, Center for Interest Measurement Research; Co-Director, Career Counseling and Assessment Clinic; Adjunct Professor, Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Counseling, vocational interest measurement and inventory construction, career development, cross-cultural interest measurement, leisure.
N556 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2081/
(612) 625-3873
Portrait: Sheng He Sheng He
Human vision and attention, visual awareness, cognitive neuroscience.
N252 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0752