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Prof Irving I Gottesman

Prof Irving I Gottesman

Department of Psychology N231 Elliott Hall 75 East River Rd

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Irving Gottesman is known internationally for his work in the field of behavioral and psychiatric genetics. Gottesman, one of our most distinguished alumni, returned to MN after retiring from the University of Virginia in 2001.He has received APA's Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution in 2000. Gottesman was a member of our faculty from 1966-1980 when he founded the Behavioral Genetics Training Program. His first extensive study of the genetics of schizophrenia used the Maudsley-Bethlem twin register of consecutive admissions that had been in existence for 16 years. His findings confirmed that genes were undeniably a determining factor in schizophrenia. Gottesman found room for a wide range of non-genetic factors to consider. Gottesman established the clinical psychology training program at the University of Virginia in 1985. He has returned now to conduct research part-time for the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry. He has mentored such 'greats' as Scarr, McGue, Goldsmith, Carey, Hanson, McGuffin, Farmer, and Turkheimer. Gottesman collaborates extensively, consulting in the field of psychiatric genetics in Denmark, U.K., China, Australia, Japan, and Germany.

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