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Core Faculty
Name Interests Contact
Portrait: Will Grove William Grove
Associate Professor
Classification and behavior genetics of psychoses, numerical taxonomy, personality disorders, clinical vs. statistical prediction, assessment and forensic psychology.
N438a Elliott Hall
(612) 625-1599
Portrait: Bill Iacono William G. Iacono
Regents Professor
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Clinical, psychophysiology, behavior genetics, biological makers of schizophrenia, drug abuse, alcoholism, the course and development of psychopathology, lie detection.
N438 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-6078
Portrait: Bonnie Klimes-Dougan Bonnie Klimes-Dougan
Contract Assistant Professor
My work utilizes developmental and neuroscience approaches to identify disruptions in stress/emotion regulatory processes that precede, accompany and are a consequence of depression and suicidal behavior. Additionally my work examines factors that modify these risk trajectories.
N414 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-4347
Portrait: Robert Krueger Robert Krueger
Hathaway Distinguished Professor and CSPR Area Director
Classification and etiology of psychopathology and substance use disorders, personality disorders, personality psychology, quantitative and molecular genetics, quantitative models of individual differences.
N414 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-8541
Portrait: Shmuel Lissek Shmuel Lissek
Assistant Professor
The neurobiology and psychophysiology of human anxiety, classical and operant conditioning markers of clinical anxiety, generalization of conditioned fear, the neural antecedents of avoidance and other fear-related decisions.
N416 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-8204
Portrait: Monica Luciana Monica Luciana
Department Chair
Neurochemical (dopaminergic and serotonergic) modulation of functions of the human prefrontal cortex; neurodevelopment of executive functions in adolescence using behavioral, molecular genetic and neuroimaging techniques.
N419 Elliott Hall
(612) 626-0757
Portrait: Angus MacGonald Angus MacDonald, III
Associate Professor
Basic cognitive and affective neuroscience using fMRI, the neural and genetic bases of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, and the psychometrics of measuring group differences.
N426 Elliott Hall
(612) 624-3813
Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science Faculty
Name Interests Contact
Portrait: Dante Cicchetti Dante Cicchetti
McKnight Presidential Chair, William Harris Professor
Developmental psychopathology, developmental neuroscience, molecular genetics, child maltreatment, mood disorders, personality disorders.
Portrait: Byron Egeland Byron Egeland
Professor Emeritus
Developmental psychopathology, resilience, child maltreatment, high risk families.
(612) 624-5273
Portrait: Megan Gunnar Megan Gunnar
Regents Professor
Effects of early adverse care on brain and behavioral development; Stress neurobiology and development
(612) 626-9891
Portrait: Canan Karatekin Canan Karatekin
Associate Professor
Clinical child neuropsychology and child welfare
(612) 626-9891
Portrait: Ann Masten Ann Masten
Competence, risk, and resilience in development.
(612) 624-0215
Portrait: Kathleen Thomas Kathleen Thomas
Associate Professor
Cognitive development, attention, implicit learning, early experience, pediatric neuroimaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging
(612) 626-9891
Affiliated Advising Faculty (who have served or are serving as research advisers for clinical students)
Name Interests Contact
  Marilyn Carroll
Professor of Psychiatry
Experimental animal laboratory studies in behavioral pharmacology
(612) 626-6289
  Scott Crow
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Eating Disorders
(612) 273-9807
Portrait: Colin DeYoung Colin DeYoung
Associate Professor of Psychology
Personality structure, biological basis of personality traits, cognitive abilities, impulsivity and antisocial behavior.
N422 Elliot Hall
(612) 624-1619
Portrait: Michael Georgieff Michael Georgieff
Professor of Pediatrics
Fetal/neonatal nutrition, specifically, the effect of fetal/neonatal iron nutrition on brain development and neurocognitive function
(612) 624-1619
Portrait: Dorothy Hatsukami Dorothy Hatsukami
Professor of Psychiatry
Tobacco research, nicotine addiction, and drug abuse
(612) 626-2121
  Matt Kushner
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Anxiety disorders, substance abuse, comorbidity, pathological gambling
(612) 273-9806
  Kelvin Lim
Professor of Psychiatry
Portrait: Colin DeYoung Matt McGue
Professor of Psychology
Behavior genetics, individual differences, quantitative psychology, aging, substance abuse.
N241a Elliott Hall
(612) 625-8305
Portrait: Michael Miner Michael Miner
Assoc. Professor of Family Medicine
Sexual abuse, sexual aggression, forensic assessment, instrument development, attachment theory, research design, statistics, behavioral medicine
(612) 625-1500
Portrait: Elsa Shapiro Elsa Shapiro
Professor of Pediatrics & Neurology
Childhood dementia in chronic diseases affecting the central nervous system, the effect of neurotoxic exposure and other factors on cognitive development of high risk children, Autism spectrum disorders
(612) 625-7466
Sponheim Scott Sponheim
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota; Staff Psychologist, Minneapolis VAHCS
Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Military-related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
(612) 725-2074

Lab Website

Portrait: Niels Waller Niels Waller
Professor of Psychology
Quantitative models of individual differences, psychometrics, factor analysis, taxometrics, item response theory.
N657 Elliot Hall
(612) 626-8729
Portrait: Ken Winters Ken Winters
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Assessment, prevention and treatment of adolescent drug abuse
(612) 273-9815
Emeritus Faculty
Name Interests Contact
Portrait: James Butcher James Butcher
Personality assessment, cross-cultural psychology.
N429 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9880
Portrait: Irving Gottesman Irving Gottesman
Genetics of psychopathology and schizophrenia.
F282/2A West-B
(612) 625-9880
Portrait: Gloria Leon Gloria Leon
Personality, stress and coping in extreme environments, psychosocial aspects in disaster response and management, psychosocial factors in space missions, thermal control of astronaut status.
N420 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9880
  Auke Tellegen
Personality research and assessment, clinical.
N252 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-9880

Area Support

Robert Krueger
Director of Clinical Training
N414 Elliott Hall

Angus MacDonald III
Associate Director of Practicum & Internship Placements
N426 Elliott Hall

Amanda Suchy
Administrative Aide
N438 Elliott Hall
(612) 625-2546

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